Lord Nash - Other Topics



Every so often if one disrespects Nash, or even if they don't, they are transported to Lord Nash's torture chamber to be tortured for eternities. It can be as few as 2, or an infinite amount, but always in the extremely long time interval of the eternity. During this extended period of horror, the victim does not age, and time stops for the rest of the universe. So, after all eternities are served, the victim is placed exactly where he was at the instant he was transported away, and time continues. The torture is however remembered vividly by the victim and the victim waits as the eternites slowly pass.


The Triple-Edged Sword Theory is a theory of great confusion created in an attempt to explain how one feels about being tortured by Nash. Whether it succeeds in this is uncertain but each statement within is proven factual. When one is tortued by Lord Nash, they should love it, for it is Nash blessing them with performing horrible tortures on them. However, it is meant to be torture, so one cannot love this torture, or it is no longer torture. On the other hand, they certainly cannot dislike it either, for Nash is doing it. So, the victim must neither hate nor love the torture, yet, both, because no one could ever be indifferent about something Nash is doing to them, for it is Nash doing it.

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