Lord Nash - History



Very little is actually known of Lord Nash's youth. His parents are not known, however it is a well-known fact that he has a bit of every race in his blood... even dwarf. It is assumed Lord Nash did not like his parents, considering he did not recreate them and hasn't since. Also, it is assumed Nash left home(if he even ever had one) at a very early age considering the tales of his adventure start when he was still a young adult.

But whatever is the truth to Lord Nash's youth, one thing is known for sure... He learned an amazing amount of knowledge in this time. He learned the ways of the fighter, the thief, the cleric, the mage, and any other way you can think of. And he perfected all of these.


Lord Nash set out to adventure with two of his friends, Elven and Zwak, as a young adult. He was unaware that his surrounding area would be so unchallenging and soon realized he would have to seek adventurer somewhere else. He and his companions set sail one day to find this adventure and did not return for many years. They circled the world four times, stopping in all the lands along the way, and slaying anything that dared get in their way. Lord Nash improved his already perfect skills on these great adventures, and acquired some of the most powerful magical items in the world. It is rumored that it was during these great journeys that Lord Nash's only offspring, Sirak, came to be.

After four times around the world, Lord Nash once again felt unchallenged. Now, however, he was unchallenged by his whole world. So he did the only thing he could... He challenged the gods.


On one of Lord Nash's many adventures, he defeated a powerful mage. Among the loot from this mage's castle was a very powerful scroll, the Scroll of Neutron Star(also refered to as the Scroll of SuperNova). Upon the tearing of this scroll, the universe would implode around the one who tore it, destroying everything. It was this scroll Lord Nash used to take control of the universe. He wrote of himself, and of his great powers, in a book which would later become known as "The Nash Bible". Upon doing this, Nash tore the mighty Scroll of Neutron Star, and the universe began to implode. The universe destroyed everything, but just before it took its last victim, Lord Nash, the great Nash used his mighty strength and reached out into the void created by the destruction of the universe, and threw his book. And then Lord Nash himself was destroyed by the mighty scroll.

Soon after the implosion of the universe, another big bang occured, and a new universe began to form. Slowly over many millions of years, new planets formed and new life began to exist. On one planet where intelligent life had evolved the ancient Nash Bible landed. The people of this planet found the book and wondered of its origins. The great minds of this planet soon deciphered the book, and learned of Lord Nash's greatness. And they began to worship this book, and the man it told of. Through these people's belief, Lord Nash was reformed... as a god, and the only god. Quickly after Lord Nash came back into being he destroyed everything contained in this 'new' universe. He then created his old world, exactly as it was. He even recreated the old gods, but he created them below himself. Lord Nash was now... Supreme Ruler of the Universe.


At the present, Lord Nash is out in the universe creating, and controlling the universe in which we now live. Although Lord Nash is very rarely seen in person outside his realm, he frequently sends his avatars in the form of himself to answer those who call for him.

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